Guillermo secures yet another research grant!


Congratulations to the top man of the Coral Reef Algae Lab!

Guillermo, once again leading by example and this time securing a Great Barrier Reef Foundation grant. This was approved under the Australian Government’s ‘Resilient Reefs Successfully Adapting to Climate Change’ Research and Development Program to the amount of $150,000.

People involved: Dr. Guilelrmo Diaz-Pulido, PhD candidate Merinda Nash, Dr Chris Doropoulos, PhD candidate Bonnie Lewis.

Aims of the Project: Determine the feasibility of CCA calcification monitoring to assess the impacts of ocean acidification and warming.

Key Goal: Identify suitable indicators and monitoring strategies suitable for use as a reef resilience indicator.

Proposal Summary: The reef-building crustose coralline algae (CCA) are one of the most sensitive groups of calcifying organisms to ocean acidification (OA). This project aims to assess the literature and conduct small scale experiments to determine the feasibility of CCA calcification monitoring to quantify impacts of OA and warming. CCA calcification may be investigated by a diverse range of individual (e.g. vertical growth, weight change) and population (e.g. percentage cover, recruitment rate) metrics. Therefore, we will assess the strength of the relationship among these metrics and climate change stressors, and identify
























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