The Coral-Reef Algae Lab is a multidisciplinary research lab that is determined to answer key questions relating to physiological, biogeochemical ecological coral-algae dynamics. These research topics incorporate intensive field and lab-based experiments which require volunteer assistance, providing opportunities to gain valuable experience. The lab has  hosted interns and volunteers from France (Marine Coudauron-Reale), United States (Gordon Ober) and Spain (Macarena Herrero). Tasks include, for example:



  • Scientific boating and diving
  • Monitoring benthic community changes (primarily coral and algae identification)
  • Helping in manipulative experiments (e.g. CO2, nutrients, herbivory, competition)
  • Quantifying coral and algal recruitment using settlement plates




  • Aquaria setup and maintenance 
  • Processing of samples under the microscopy
  • Work on histological and SEM
  • Identification of macroalgae; herbarium maintenance


So if you are interested in collaborating, joining or volunteering our lab then please don’t hesitate to contact Pat – p.gartrell@griffith.edu.au.


Macarena & Aquaria